Al Balad ~ The City


By this safe town.


And you are free to do what you want with this town.

And by the Father (Adam) and his children.

Surely we have created man in pain.

He thinks no one has power over him.

He will say I have spent lots of money.

He thinks that no one sees them.

Havenít we given him two eyes.

And a tongue and two lips.

And shown him the two ways [right & wrong].

But he has not made the challenging step.




And you donít know what is the challenging step.

Freeing a slave.

Or feeding in a day of hunger.

A related orphan.

Or a miserable poor.

Then he will be among the believers who help each other become patient & have mercy on one another.

Those are the owners of Jannah.

And the ones who deny our signs are the owners of Hell Fire.

They will be locked in fire