95 - AL-Teen (THE Fig)

Total Verses: 19
Revealed At: MAKKA

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I Swear by the Fig and the Olive


I Swear by Al-Toor Mountain in Sinai


I Swear by this Safe City of Mecca


We have created humans in the best form


Then we let him fall to the lowest of the low


But the ones who believed and did good deeds will have ever lasting reward


After knowing that, how could you deny the day of judgment


Dont you know that Allah is the wisest judge

Meaning of Ayat 1-3

Allah is swearing by these four things to get our attention. By swearing Allah is basically saying; pay attention and listen to me for I am going to say something very important.

Allah chose these four things to highlight their special greatness. The special greatness of the fig is not known yet, the special greatness of the olives is also not known yet. The special greatness of the mountain of Al-Toor in Sinai is that it is the place where Allah first talked to Musa and where he gave him the Torah. The special greatnesses of Mecca are that it has the Kaba and it is a safe city where people can feel peace in it more than any other place.

Meaning of Ayah 4

We created humans in the best form of innocence; we started them as innocent babies.

Meaning of Ayah 5

Then innocent babies get corrupted by their surroundings and parents, and as a result they decline in innocence until they end up being bad guys.

Meaning of Ayah 6

But the good guys who maintain their innocence and dont get corrupted are exceptional. They will have an everlasting happy life in Jannah.

Meaning of Ayat 7-8

After you hear all of this, how could you think that there will be no day of judgment? Having known that there are bad guys who pick corruption and good guys who maintain innocence, how could you deny the day of judgment where the good guys get rewarded and the bad guys get punished. Without the day of judgment, both good and bad guys will be equal. Both will end up buried six foot underground. The bad guys got away with their bad deeds and the good guys got nothing for their good deeds. Is this a wise thing to do? The judge who makes good guys and bad guys equal, is he a wise judge? How could you think that Allah will be so unwise and allow such a thing to happen? Dont you know that he is the wisest judge and as a result he will never ever let good guys and bad guys be equal at the end?



Surat Al-Shams in Pictures

By the sun and its shine

By the moon that follows the sun

By the day time when the sun is seen

By the night time when the sun is covered

By the sky that is well built

By the Earth that is well spread

By the soul that is well created

And given the choice between right and wrong

The one who does the right is successful

And the one who does the wrong is a loser


The people of Thamood were so bad to call their prophet a liar


The worst guy among them wanted to kill the she camel


But their prophet told them,This is the she camel that Allah has sent. Leave it alone and let it drink its water.


But they didnt listen


and killed the she camel

so Allah got angry at them and he punished them all

And for him he has no fear of consequences